00 HGMS Matrix – Матрицы для высокоградиентных сепараторов
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Matrix for high gradient magnetic separators

Матрицы для высокоградиентных магнитных сепараторов

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Our company invented a new manufacturing technology of matrix for wet high gradient magnetic weldless separators (WHIMS). The type of matrix is rod; the material of the rods is rolled steel with a cross section of any form and any size. The frame for rods fastening is made of non-magnetic dielectric.


Developed by us matrixes manufacturing technology for high gradient magnetic separators allows producing quickly matrixes for a specific raw materials, taking into account its granulometric content and magnetic properties, thereby improving the technological characteristics of the separator (by rods’thickness selection, the distance between them and their disposition).



The maximum efficiency and productivity of the separation of minerals in the matrices of our production is achieved by:
– selection of the shape and size of the cross section of the rods;
– the use of rods of various sections in one matrix;
– non-standard arrangement of rods.


The matrixes of our production have been successfully operated at the plants for the enrichment for more than 2 years.



Our experts are ready to go to the customer’s plant directly to discuss all matrix technical specifications. At the customer’s request, we carry out the tests of the developed matrices and mineral raw materials in our process development unit.



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